Natural ventilation ventilator power VS

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It is a kind of equipment used to strengthen air circulation. The ventilator of various kinds. Mainly divided into: natural ventilation and ventilator power.
(1) comparison of working methods:
Natural ventilator: use of indoor and outdoor air pressure, temperature and pressure of natural ventilation, to provide fresh air indoors.
Power type ventilator: depending on the self powered system, take the initiative to indoor air exchange.
(2) functional comparison:
Natural ventilation: natural ventilation, indoor Everfount into fresh air, with ventilation function.
Power type ventilator: ventilation in ventilation effect is very obvious, at the same time, has the function of purifying air and noise isolation.
(3) cost comparison:
Natural ventilation type: no motor, no need of electricity, environmental protection, low cost, is a one-time investment.
Power type ventilator: imported motor, control system, power consumption of 6W itself, need, the cost will be high.
(4) comparison of energy conservation:
Natural ventilation: convenient installation, cost saving, no power consumption.
Power type ventilator: human need maintenance, annual power consumption of 27 degrees, energy consumption.
(5) comparison of air volume:
Natural ventilator: affected by the air pressure inside and outside the room, the ventilation quantity is not controlled, small volume.
Power type: ventilator is not affected by external factors, large volume.

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