No power fan how to maintain?

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1, under normal circumstances, without power fan, running for a month or so, must be used to grease the bearing platform into the sodium base grease or molybdenum disulfide grease. Fan running for 3-6 months, replace a grease to fill the bearing space 2/3 is appropriate.
2, no power fan regular maintenance, eliminate fan internal ash, dirt, etc..
3, in the absence of power fan boot, shutdown or operation, if found abnormal, including temperature, vibration, noise, etc., should be immediately repaired.
4, the use of the device will adjust the triangular belt often keep a tight state, can not be too loose or too tight. The length of several triangular tape should be the same.
5, for the unused spare machine or too long time to stop the fan, the rotor should be regularly rotated 120 degrees -180 degrees, so as not to bend the spindle. In the roof of the import or export of non powered fan valve, when starting to close it, the valve will be opened after operation, to achieve the specified conditions, the inner ring and shaft with tightness.
6, in order to ensure the safety of the human body, roof unpowered fan maintenance must be carried out at the time of shutdown.

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