Domestic wind turbine technology trends: large leaf and one-stop solutions

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Founded 6 years of Blade Dynamics company, is developing a new technology to create the world's largest fan blades, which is known as the length of up to 100 meters, the world's largest blade is only about 75 meters long.
The fan blade is the key component of the wind energy technology, and its good design, reliable quality and superior performance are the decisive factors to ensure the normal and stable operation of the unit. The longer blades can also be combined with the manufacture of high-power fans, this trend is becoming increasingly apparent. In addition, in the fan industry, but also need to overcome the high-end parts manufacturing, how to improve the operational efficiency of a single fan and the wind farm and other issues.
Blade "large""
Although China is a big country of wind resources, but more than 50% of land wind resources have been attributed to low wind resources, the annual 3/4 above the time, the wind speed of 5~7 meters per second, can not reach the rated wind speed of nearly 10 meters per second. Therefore, to capture and make full use of low wind resources to achieve full load power generation fan, you have to raise the wind blade developed the ability to catch the wind, wind turbine blades of large power, long blade.
Although it has been suggested that a large wind turbine installation and operating costs much higher than the small fan, but can not be ignored is that the total production cost of electricity per kilowatt wind machine will generally decrease with increasing fan. In the highly anticipated offshore wind power market, but also to use a larger power fan and longer blades, to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
With the increasing trend of large-scale wind turbine in our country, large wind turbine blades are gradually regarded as one of the signs of the technical strength of enterprises.
At present, the design of several major domestic wind power machine providers are only responsible for the blade, while the manufacturing work outsourced to specialized blade manufacturers. Independently design the longest blades currently has 56.5 MW of wind speed of 2 m lower leaf, by Chinese CSR (601766, shares) Zhuzhou Times New Material Research Institute's (600458, shares) the company design and development, through the static test in July 14th just 5 days. In order to produce the blade, times new materials also established a number of production lines, is expected to be signed this month under the first order. Sinoma science and Technology (002080, stock it) wind turbine blade Co., Ltd. also invested $1 billion 500 million, a new set of 3 MW, 6 MW mold of the 15 units, with an annual output of high-power offshore wind turbine blades. Its production base and R & D testing center project is expected to be completed and put into operation in July 2014. After the completion of the project, will achieve 3 megawatts of production capacity of 59.5 meters of leaves, R & D and manufacture of Asia's longest, most powerful fan blades of 77.7 meters, and to achieve industrialization.
Overseas also has a better fan blade manufacturers. The Danish LM company following the offshore wind turbine project in October last year with vision energy of 4 MW, the production of offshore wind turbine blades is 66.5 meters long and weighs 19 tons, and in Jiangsu Longyuan Rudong 30 MW offshore (intertidal) test wind farm installed 73.5 meters long (about 24 storeys) complex composite wind turbine blade, to match the 5 MW wind turbines. SIEMENS and Vestas wind turbines are developed for 75 meters and 80 meters long blades in sprint.
Of course, it is not necessary to pursue a particularly large blade. Number of wind turbine manufacturers that: the blade length is designed to combine a full range of unit performance, load, power generation, reliability and noise factors to consider, does not mean that the blind pursuit of the length of the blade. If the wind turbine in the sea, the need for more lightweight blades, but also have a strong ability to resist typhoon. Golden wind science and Technology (002202, stock it), one person said, the idea of the development of the blade or through the overall optimization of the design so as to achieve the optimal cost of electricity.
Technology integration plus one stop solution
Wind turbine blade is one of the major technical direction of the major enterprises, other parts of wind power manufacturing capacity, transmission and control technology, operation and maintenance capabilities should also be considered and breakthroughs. The fan includes many parts, regardless of low wind market, or offshore wind power market, as more and more leaves, the other components of the requirements will also be improved, such as rotor shell, transmission shaft, platform and tower cover.
In offshore wind power market, for example, although very attractive, but the domestic and foreign wind power technology integration capability has not yet reached a pinnacle point.
"The biggest challenge for offshore wind power is risk management." Vision energy CEO Zhang Lei said, "because the use of offshore wind power is usually a large fan, the dynamic characteristics of the transmission system becomes very complex. The past successful experience in small megawatt wind turbines can not be used effectively, the main failure in Shanghai fan also occurred at this link."
In Zhang Lei's view, before each manufacturer's competition level is in the wind machine offer, many wind farm investors are willing to compare prices, but the enterprise should pay attention to how to improve the efficiency of power generation, "the price gap is not the case, if the power generation efficiency can achieve the ultimate fan, this is very meaningful."
He said it would make sense if the radar and the sensors were mounted on the blades and fans. Radar can monitor the flow of wind, strength, and then through the sensor to collect the data, summarized in the cloud computing analysis. Subsequently, the vision has a set of intelligent control, measurement technology, data analysis expert system, active performance control and reliability based decision making algorithm to help improve the efficiency of power generation. This is similar to the recent launch of the GE 2.5 MW fan, the latter also has the energy storage and data driven system, can help manage intermittent wind power, to achieve smooth output and power forecasting and other functions.
In addition to a single fan

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