Fan equipment industry competitive pressure

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The day before, the NDRC price department held a forum onshore wind power price and the informed price adjustment scenario and comments, which means that the wind power tariff reduction has entered the policy agenda, the introduction of expectations is getting stronger. Insiders said that the price reduction will set off a wave of fans to grab the tide, next year, the new wind power installed capacity will continue to grow rapidly, the wind turbine equipment industry boom will be upgraded.
In spite of a new energy aura, but from the recent years of development, its performance can be described as wind energy. In the photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation advantage is not obvious. First of all, in the application of the environment, wind power is going to be a lot of difference, stability, integration, efficiency are the current problems of wind power.
Wind power competitive pressure
In recent years, China's air pollution problem has become increasingly serious, the number of days of fog and haze has increased, in order to prevent pollution problems continue to deteriorate, the state actively encourage the development of new energy sources, and into the 12th Five-Year plan. In addition, the State Council promulgated the "air pollution prevention action plan", in 2017 proposed air pollution control objectives and specific governance path; for example to improve energy efficiency and benefit, reduce the value of energy consumption intensity, is conducive to promoting the social objective of energy saving and emission reduction, expanding the power consumption market, promote the growth in electricity consumption, there are for new energy and other new energy electric power generation enterprises.
But an unnamed energy industry analysts said, "wind farm operators after years of development, income is increasingly stable, with the expansion of the installed capacity of wind power and grid conditions improve, the future of wind power operators are still may have a good development trend, but there are still a lot of risk."
With the state's macroeconomic development and the pursuit of energy saving and emission reduction in recent years, renewable energy has become the most popular vocabulary, but the early start of wind power has not become the most popular projects.
Although China's cumulative installed capacity of wind power continues to grow, but the installed capacity has continued to decline. China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, wind power equipment branch of comprehensive analysis of small and medium wind power industry shows that the number of the industry's comprehensive production in 2013 than in 2012 fell 21%, the installed capacity decreased by 15.7%, and this is the second year of decline.
Energy experts have said, wind power will be affected by many natural factors, in addition to the extrusion of photovoltaic power generation, the advantages of wind power will become less obvious." China's renewable energy sources, including wind, solar, hydro, biomass, geothermal and ocean energy, enjoy government incentives. If the country continues to increase policy support for other renewable energy sources, energy saving wind power as the representative of the Wind Power Ltd will face fierce competition from other renewable energy power generation companies.
The traditional power generation industry will also pose a threat to wind power generation, mature systems and unknown natural resources to control the cost of generating electricity in the traditional power generation industry, in the terminal market to show more competitive advantage.
According to reports, under the extrusion of photovoltaic power generation, wind power advantage is not obvious. In the first application environment, wind power will be a lot of difference, stability, and efficiency is the wind power grid connected current problems; in addition, wind power will be affected more natural factors, wind speed, wind direction, temperature and other natural conditions will affect the power of the final result."
Industrial chain or chain reaction
Recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued a price adjustment of wind power tariff draft, and to seek the views of all parties. The initial set of wind power benchmark price was 0.61 yuan / kwh per area decreased 2 cents, down 4 cents per degree in other regions, the possibility of introduced before the end of this year is relatively large, but the reduction was against the enterprise, think down too much.
Price cuts will set off a wave of looting tide. From the introduction of the policy to the implementation, there will be half a year to a year or so of the transition period, during which the wind power project will be based on the price adjustment before the internet. Therefore, during this period the operator will accelerate the construction of the project has been approved the speed of the grid, which will bring the influx of fans grab. Judging from the current information, the industry is expected to grab the tide or will appear in 2015, and is expected to drive the wind turbine, wind tower, castings, blades and other wind power products appear price rise situation.
Is the leading wind power generation power, the first half of 2014, Longyuan wind power generating capacity of 11 billion 624 million kwh, adjust the program to be the highest price 0.07 yuan / kWh, the lowest price 0.04 yuan / kWh according to the median 0.055 yuan / kWh, wind power revenue 640 million yuan, but the power on the first half of all add up to the company's business income also includes thermal power and other industries net profit attributable to shareholders of 1 billion 365 million yuan.
Insiders estimate that, in accordance with the equivalent of the amount of investment in each wind resource area and the number of hours, wind power tariff reduction of 1% per day, the yield is likely to decrease by up to 1%, and the higher the rate of decline in the greater the area.
In this way, the decline of wind resource areas of I, II, III and IV were 7.8%, 7.4%, 6.9%, respectively. In addition to the usual circumstances, Fujian, Yunnan, Shanxi, a decline of 8.5%, Jilin, Heilongjiang, in addition to being classified as category III resource areas of the city, the region, the highest decline of up to 11.5%.
In this regard, the industry forecast, wind power tariff adjustment or chain reaction will occur. In accordance with China's current business rules, power generation revenue decline, will be transmitted to the whole machine

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